Updated: Thursday, July 29, 2010

About The Artist

Melissa Pottenger, was raised in a small Mennonite town in northwest Ohio and frequently saw traditional scherenschnitte paper cutting. Several years later, Melissa began to cut paper; both traditional and plain. Before she was a cutter, she was a painter and collage artist. She couldn’t leave paper cuttings plain for long and soon, Melissa was painting them and ultimately, making collages and layering them.

Each paper cutting is of her own design, hand cut from a variety of papers (from parchment paper to watercolor paper). Each cutting is painted and glazed with watercolor. Melissa has combined techniques to create collages and “overlays” to make them multi dimensional.

Melissa’s newest designs show her interest in “bugs, birds, and botany”. Melissa continues to “push” the traditional folk art to a more contemporary interpretation. Yet, like the scherenschnitte she grew up with, Melissa weaves in timeless messages of faith.

Visit Melissa at one of her art shows, and you will find she always has her tools and various cuttings at different levels of completion. Customers can see first hand where background ends and the paper cutting design begins.

Updated: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melissa’s Credentials

B.F.A. Bowling Green State University, 1976
B.S.ED. Bowling Green State University, 1976

Print maker with Cincinnati Art Museum, late 1970s
Exhibitor with Carolyn Schnebeck gallery, Cincinnati, late 1970s

Best of Show, graphics, 2D mixed media, 1981
Toledo Art Festival
Montgomery Art Show
Several other smaller shows

Began creating folk art, 1983 (Paper cuttings, replicas of antique toys and game boards)

“200 Best Craftsmen”. Early American Life Magazine, early 1990s

WARMANS Antique Guide listed “future collectable Artist”, mid 1990s

Shown in many Fine Art, Fine Craft, and Folk art shows 1988 - 2010
Columbus Art Festival
Chagrin Falls
Dayton Folk Festival
Bob Goodrich Folk Art Shows
Williamsburg, VA.
Detroit art shows
Pennsylvania Art shows
Penn’s Colony, 17 years
Shaker Woods, 10 years
Ohio Mart, 10 years
Willoughby Art Show, 5+ years
Virginia Crafts Festival
Many other shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Updated: Thursday, July 29, 2010

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